Rules & Safety


We want to provide you with a clean, safe, and efficient living environment, making your stay here in Santa Barbara unforgettable.


In general we don’t want to scare prospective and current students with rules and penalties.
We expect all students to have a pleasant stay in the house with mutual respect for each other, neighbors, and property.

House Rules & Safety are:

  1. Use common sense !
  2. No smoking, open fire, incense burning or any other kind of combustibles inside the house (propane, gasoline or any other fuel heaters)
  3. No drugs, no firearms, no weapons!
  4. Minimum age for all student bookings is 18.
  5. Students under 21 are not allowed to drink alcohol.
  6. No private refrigerators inside the room. We have a fridge in the kitchen for all your food. No electrical space heaters. Electric wiring is not designed to support this extra capacity. American homes are built with wood  and these items represent a serious fire hazard.
  7. No loud or amplified music. No house parties. The house is located in a residential area and all loud noises will result in neighbors complaints and/ or police intervention.
  8. No overnight guests.
  9. All students will have keys to the door-locks of the house. Doors must be locked when leaving the house. In case of lost key(s), the student will be charged for the cost of duplicating new key(s).
  10. All students are responsible to keep their room, as well as the common areas clean. Common areas will be cleaned once a week. (vacuuming, mopping floor, cleaning bathroom and cleaning windows.) Clearing table, washing dishes and cooking gear are  student’s responsibility. Lost items and discarded food during the weekly cleanup is not our responsibility.
  11. The property’s owner or the live-in supervisor during his absence will be managing and enforcing the rules and regulations. He/she is entitled to intervene in case of any violation. Full and immediate compliance and cooperation is expected from the student/s.
  12. Room will be inspected by the supervisor in the presence of the student in case there are suspected circumstances of violations.
  13. Upon the beginning of the rental period, a refundable deposit of $500 must be paid in full.
  14. All changes to your stay must be communicated in written (email) 4 weeks in advance. You are responsible to pay the rent for the full period that you book with us. Early cancellations can only be accepted in case of a critical and immediate return to your country, and thus cancellation of your student visa.
  15. The owner or on-site manager can not be held responsible for theft, loss, or damaged items of student private properties.
  16. In case of multiple violations the student will be evicted without reimbursement of any left over balance or security deposit.
  17. We reserve the right to refuse bookings and reservations to any individual. Full semester bookings have priority over short term bookings.
  18. Students are expected to follow the Federal laws of the U.S.A., as well as the State laws of California.
  19. Students under 21 years old, who lack the maturity and responsibility to live in a house by themselves, will be asked to be transferred to a host-family by their school.


We refer to the Rules Price List for penalties in case of unacceptable behavior or violations:

  • The entire house is a non-smoking environment. You are free to smoke outside and use the provided ashtrays. Smoking inside: $100
  • House parties are not allowed ! Any house party will result in a penalty of $500. This fine will have to be shared by all house occupants. No exceptions made. If you want to avoid paying this fine, inform the owner or supervisor as soon as you hear about a plan of a party.
  • In case Police of Santa Barbara visits the property because of noise complaints or other violations, a $50 fee can be charged to each student. Students may also be evicted on a immediate basis.
  • Use of space heaters: $100. heaters will be confiscated and returned to student upon departure.
  • Unauthorized overnight stay; even with the consent of other room/house mates: Should any friends, boyfriend/girlfriend stay over for the night; a charge of $150 per night will be made to the invited person.